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Special selected set of 4 shells Cypraea teulerei (Giant Freak Forms)

Caznavelle 1845


Locally uncommon

Off Masirah Island , Oman 1994

From Dr. Donald Bosch old stock, Collected by himself in shallow waters on sand bottom.

From top left

51.1mm F++ With unique Dorsal bands & very developed Protoconch

51.6mm F++ Unusual Dorsal bands  & Protoconch, unusual marginal spots


From the bottom left

51mm F++ With unusual dorsal band and dorsal blotch, Protoconch & reduse marginal spots

45.1mm F+ Unusual dorsal bands, Protoconch & several grow lines on the dorsal


Cypraea teulerei (Set of 4 shells)

庫存單位: SET06
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